Sip or Synth

The secondary market of beer has transcended to the glassworld and Facebook has seen a rise of razzle groups and buy/sell pages.  This has resulted in swarms of fans getting their trigger fingers ready to 'buy buy buy' in order to 'sell sell sell' and hopefully make a few dollars.   

In the world of collectible items, this is nothing new. I remember hoarding toys and cards as a kid that I had little interest in because I knew one day I could flip them for something else.  However, in the early stages of the designer glass market, I've seen saturation at an alarming pace resulting in a new "designer" almost weekly.  This has resulted in the battle of who can produce the most hype around their glass.  Will it be The Avengers End Game design or something from Star Wars.  In the end, what seems to be the winning design is the one that brings in the highest secondary value.  

My thought for today and message for all designers out there is to be authentic.  For some of us this is a full-time job so we need to follow trends, but continue to explore the caverns of creativity.  Pasting a hop does not equate originality. Push the limits of what is expected.