Welcome to Synth Hop

I'm not sure if people still read blogs, but I thought I'd share some of what goes on behind the scenes at Synth Hop- Everything from our inspirations from 80's and 90's pop culture, sharing sketches and completed designs, and posting what we're drinking right now. 

Every beer tells a story and inspires tales of their own. The community aspect of beer and brewing is what draws me to it most. The Synth Hop glasses were always more than just pixelated pints. It's about friends sharing beers and reflecting on when life was simpler and for a moment recreating that time again.

Coffee is our second love. You wake up in the morning groggy and not so ready to start your day and coffee is that good friend that makes you think you can take on the world. You may not be sharing this moment with anyone else, but you're savoring the "right now".

Craft beverages, whether they are coffee, beer, whiskey or whatever provides us with an escape. They allow us to tell our story, whatever that may be. Synth Hop was created to provide the pages for people to write their stories and allow us to share ours as well.

Tag us in your posts on Instagram even if you don't have one of our glasses yet. We'd love to see what you're up. 

Join us in our private Facebook group to get the latest news on pre-orders and vote on design choices. 

Together we are Synth Hop!