What is White Bean Coffee?

It's not really white.  Our special proprietary blend brews a yellowish color and will wake you up!  Our beans are lightly roasted and quickly cooled to deliver up to 50% more caffeine than your regular cup of Joe.  However, it doesn't leave you jittery, like when you've had 4 shots of espresso added to your mocha latte. For me it provides a smooth focused energy.  Personally I've replaced my pre-workout powder with this, and there is no crash. It's also easier on your stomach and less acidic than regular coffee.

In my opinion the taste is between tea and coffee.  It's very subtle and smooth with nice balance of nuttiness. It's a great afternoon pick-me-up with a little cream and a dash of cinnamon, or just drink it "black".   

Our coffee comes in a resealable eco-friendly bag that includes a degas valve.  This keeps oxygen out while releasing the other gas emissions from the ground or whole bean coffee to keep your beans at their freshest. 

We're currently sold out of White Bean Coffee, but look for more in the store soon.  #SipSynth