19oz Sip Synth Spiegelau Glass

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This Spiegelau Glass was designed to be the ultimate IPA vessel to showcase the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of American “hop-forward” IPA beers while preserving a frothy head. The wide bowl and slightly narrowed top help provide the perfect mouthfeel. In addition to the glass design, I've added specific nucleation points to further improve upon any beers, but specifically IPAs, saisons/farmhouse style beers and traditional lagers/pilsners.  It's amazing what these glasses can do to even improve a light beer.  You may notice more head retention, enhanced aroma and improved flavor profile of your favorite beers.  

This glass is available in both high and medium nucleation levels.   Compare both for a unique mouthfeel, and flavor profile.   The option with high nucleation levels uses green metallic ink.  The medium nucleated glass used the traditional Synth green ink.