Donku Enamel Pins

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The first Synth Pins are now available! Each Donku pin is 2" tall and is available in 4 variants. This is a blind bag.  However, 2 random purchases of the 4 pins will recieve one of each.  Each pin will also include a lazered number on the back with an individual number and displaying it's rarity.  

Variant 1: Full Color Glitter/Epoxy (50 Available) 

This is a highly polished/glossy look.  

Variant 2: Full Color Glow (50 Available) 

This variant does not have an epoxy finish so will have a more rough feel/look.  All purple within the design (wraps, mask, belt) will glow in the dark. 

Variant 3: Grey Scale and Purple Full Glow (25 Available) 

The full design will glow in the dark besides the hair.  

Variant 4: Black and Gold (10 available)

The rarest of the 4 pins will be black and gold metal.